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schoolWB::OSMS - Premium Subscription


  • Digitize Students’ Admission System

  • Modern Tabulation, Result and Mark Sheet

  • Get Prepared for any urgent statistics required by Department

  • Get Employees’ Detail Information within a second

  • All the above and many more features to come …

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Hello Headmasters,

Well, School Management is not at all easy. There are so many practical situations to face every day.

From Students to Teachers, from Guardians to Community, from Management to Government, you have to serve every one within the schedule.

You have to reach the School to access your files, documents and information.

Your teachers have to reach the school to prepare Tabulation Sheets, Results and Mark sheets.

You have to search all students of certain criteria for some Scholarship – tedious job.

Your clerk has to assemble different Sub-funds for Audit Reports.

You have to search old Admission forms and Documents for spelling of a student’s name.

You have some important Notice on Board, but not certain about its circulation.

Welcome to SchoolWB : Online School Management System

For first 12 months you are FREE to TRY. Yes, a trial period for a FULL YEAR.
Yes, you read it correct. PAY ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

So that you can check all the perspective thoroughly before you pay a single paisa.

Just Fill-in the Join-Us Form in the following link

Now, what is Online School Management System?

Let’s take it part by part.

First, Online.

The most important part of the whole thing.

Yes, the data is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you are in School, at home, in meeting or in a vehicle, most important and updated data at your palm top. You can access it from your PC, Laptop, Tab, Smart Phone or Cyber Café.

Not only you, 10s or 100s of authorised person can access your System simultaneously from anywhere through Internet.

Don’t be tensed about data security. Only you and persons authorized by you are able to access your School Management System. And who are Authorized users? Everyone who have a valid login ID and password are authorized to access your System. Everyone have own credential. So, a person can access only those sections for which he/ she is authorised. For example, your clerk can access, add or update Accounts Section but can’t input marks of a student for some exam. There is a detail hierarchy maintained in this System. You must not authorise one who is not an employee of your School. As Admin, you have the full capacity to Block access of any user at any time.

Next, School.

Yes, it is designed for exclusive purpose of Schools. Especially for Schools affiliated by West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) and West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE). Various forms, structures, reports are designed exclusively for these Institutions.

Now, Management.

It is integrated and focused on key factors. Digital information has to upload once and can be reused several times in several modes and several purpose. And searching information is a matter of second. The design is focused on minimum input and maximum output. Regular Database backup provision provides peace of mind and data security.

Last, System.

Get things ready when you need it. This software is designed in such a manner, that you need not to learn or remember much. Very nice Graphical User Interface (GUI) will help you to do jobs easily. Within a few days, you’ll be master of the System. For any assistance, we are available 24x7. Your problem will be solved from our place. No need to visit your School and no delay to solve any minor issue.

How actually our system can help you?

  • It will digitize Students’ Admission System.

    • Detailed information collected so that you need not to worry again.
    • All related documents can be scanned for quick reference in future.
    • Facility to Search Student by various criteria.
    • Print Report or list of Students by certain criteria.
    • And many more …
  • Modern Tabulation, Result and Mark Sheet.

    • Formative Evaluation & Summative Evaluation.
    • Different Full Marks for different Classes and Tests.
    • Your Subject Teacher can upload marks from home.
    • Tabulation Sheets are prepared automatically.
    • No error in calculation.
    • Just Print the Progress Report after 3rd Summative.
    • Promote the Students for next Class.
  • Maintain Accounts like a Bank.

    • Maintain Register of Accounts online.
    • Maintain Sub-Funds by just entering data from Pass Book.
    • Fees are easy to maintain.
    • Annual Audit will be no more nightmare.
    • Your Clerk will enter the data regularly.
    • You may check back the same when waiting for a train in station.
  • Class Routine and Daily Provisional Routine is easy.

    • The A.H.M. will get more time to concentrate on other issues.
    • Your Teacher may check the latest Routine in his Smart Phone.
  • Notice, Events, Photos are public now.

    • Just scan and upload the Notice before pasting on the Board.
    • Use your website and Social Media to advertise a forthcoming event.
    • Publish Photo Gallery of a glorious program.
    • Use personalised email to communicate with others.
  • Get Prepared for any urgent statistics required by Department.

  • Get Employees’ Detail Information within a second.

  • Income Tax calculations are no more headache.

  • And many more features to come …

One more question is certain. Then what will be our profit or cost management.

For the first 12 months of trial period, you may donate any amount for betterment of this Project (or donate nothing, if you wish). We are certain that you’ll just love this Project and after 12 months you will get Paid Subscription. During this first 12 months, we’ll develop new features.

So, don’t hesitate. Please email us or call us today so that we can help you tomorrow.

Mail us:

Call us: +91 7557 8956 90

What you will get FREE of cost for first 12 months. (Trial Period)

  • All the features described above in our System. (As the feature arrives after massive testing)
  • Different level of Access to the System by login ID and Password.
  • Full support to migrate from another System.
  • Technical online & offline support.
  • Initial Training Session with Teachers and Staff.
  • Further session as required.
  • Any other facility that may be affordable by us.

Although we are ready to serve our best, we’d like to clear the following matters.

  • We are not anyway connected with any Government concern. Neither Government of West Bengal, any other State Government, Government of India nor any Department of Education is liable or concerned with this School Management System.
  • This is a complete Private initiative. The website and Online School Management Software are owned and managed by BuyBuyBiz.
  • We are not liable for any data loss or theft by any means.
  • Internet Server is not controlled by us. So, any Server related issue is beyond our control.
  • Some error may occur in calculations or data management. We’ll try to correct the issue ASAP. Please bear with us. We are unable to take the liability.
  • We are not liable for any loss or damage occurred by using Online School Management System (OSMS).
  • We have the full right to stop any or all of our OSMS users temporarily or permanently without any prior notice.
  • We have the full right to modify, update or withdraw our OSMS any time.
  • During the Development period, user may face unforeseen situation. We might need more time. Your patience is all we can expect.

Thank you.

Waiting to serve the best.

  • Team SchoolWB
  • Online School Management System
  • A complete Private Initiative